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For Desk

NeckDoctor for DESK single monitor arm features modern state-of-the-art gas spring technology.

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For LAptop

NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS workstation has a very spacious work surface in which you can place more devices easily, even your laptop, computer, keyboard and mouse simultaneously.

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NeckDoctor for WALL, an advanced ergonomic Full Motion TV and Monitor Arm Wall Mount in Slate Black color is built with Steel, aluminum material.

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For LAptop L

NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS-L is a pneumatic height adjustable portable sit stand workstation and laptop stand.

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Our Vision

We work with different country distributors to promote & deliver products across the globe for better workplace experience. Our vision is to make NeckDoctor high-quality ergonomic products that focus on strengthening neck, head, back, and spine, shoulder pain at your home or office workplace. We are the best Monitor Arm supplier in Dubai shaping global workplace problem with ergonomics monitor stand.

Our Mission

Combining the art of science and technology, NeckDoctor continues to introduce a range of innovative ergonomic solution of products to bring relief to every part of the human body affected by the use of technology. The organization aims to help its users work efficiently, effectively, and comfortably resulting in better productivity, profitability and success at the workplace or home.

Sedentary Work Lifestyle taking a toll on Your Health?

Are you a young professional who feels old than most elderly people. Do you share the same health troubles as them, like back, neck and shoulder pain? Don’t you wish to break free from these body aches?

This sedentary lifestyle and the financially driven world, demands you to be on your work desk at all times. The body aches are a result of bad posture and Siting and staring at the computer screen for prolonged hours.

You can’t change the prolonged hours but you can change how you work in those hours.

NeckDoctor for DESK

NeckDoctor for WALL

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