Answering your Concerns: “Can adjustable Laptop Stand increase comfort and productivity?”

A laptop, by definition, is a device that can be used on a lap. Back then, when the name was coined, there were only a few in existence. Years ago!!! If someone would have predicted that people would be slaves to a screen that takes them across the world, in seconds, with no physical movement, people would have laughed it off.
Fast forward to the present!!! It is impossible to do even the simplest task without a laptop. In the car, at the office, and in front of the TV set, you name it…

The laptop has become such an intrinsic part of our life that we no longer feel the discomfort it brings to us. Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), head flection, cervical, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, are some of the common medical terms associated with prolonged laptop usage.

You’ve witnessed it all – the painful and tense jaw, hurting shoulders, tingling fingertips, and the wretched wrists that you wake up with the day after you had to slave your desktop for hours on a critique project. “So, what shall I do? Leave my job?” No!!!! Definitely not!!! This is no solution and we understand it quite well… The solution is a product that cares for your health.

To your surprise, it is not your regular “Adjustable Laptop Stand”. Yes, the one you are using right now! It sure, lifts your screen to an eye-level, is adjustable and portable, but…. it has its own limitations and doesn’t comply with human ergonomics.

The focus of this blog post is to provide you a solution that enhances your regular work desk into an ergonomic workstation. This means it’s an add-on to your present work setup and not an expensive stand-alone product that will entirely discard your present setup.

We are talking about “NeckDoctor for Laptops”, an Ergonomic Portable Laptop Stand for Home, Office.
What does this bring to the table that makes it better than a regular adjustable laptop stand? It’s ergonomic in design, ultra-slim (12mm thickness), portable, and height adjustable workstation with gas-spring technology. What does this even mean?

The NeckDoctor for Laptops is designed to elevate your regular work desk into an ergonomic workstation that strengthens the spine, shoulders, and upper body. The strength-tested steel frame imparts durability and stability to hold a laptop, notebook, or computer weighing up to 17.6lbs. The board is TSCA Title VI compliant, making it perfect particleboard for stationary workstyles.

laptop table for bed

NeckDoctor, as a brand is dedicated to designing ergonomic solutions, to combat the day-to-day issues related to posture and fitness. Long work hours have definitely taken a toll on our neck, spine, and shoulders, but do you know it brings more harm than you can imagine!

People who spend more than eight hours a day sitting, develop health issues such as heart diseases, asthma, and cancer. Most people overestimate the difficulty of becoming sedentary and underestimate the difficulty of keeping fit. There are a number of basic activities you can include in your daily life. One solution is the sit-stand workstation.

NeckDoctor for Laptops can double up as your sit-stand laptop stand. It is built with a height memory lock feature to easily get the correct height at any time. By locking this adjustable laptop table, you guarantee that the laptop reaches the desired eye level each time you use it, minimizing tension in your neck, arms, back, and shoulders. Its pneumatic height adjusting mechanism is designed to work well for heights 1.5″ all the way till 16″, making your ergonomic workstation suitable for not only you but everyone.

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