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The Right Height of Monitor Makes All the Difference

For people who use computers or laptops on a regular basis for long hours, they need to be cautious of what distance the screen is placed. Paying attention to the monitor ergonomics is essential if you want to reduce the amount of backache or any musculoskeletal disorders.

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This year has taken a toll on our health and with the whole working-from-home situation going on, we are all facing similar problems on a larger scale. To avert all of this, have a look at the mentioned tips that can help you in taking better care of your neck, back, shoulder and eyes. To find the right position of the monitor, read the following tips:

Avoid Glare with Appropriate Positioning

To avoid any glare, place your monitor in a direction where glare wouldn’t be any problem. Any falling glare on the screen can pose difficulty for your eyes to read the screen. With a single monitor arm wall mount, it can be easy to move the monitor in a direction where there is no glare.

Place the Screen in Front

The most ideal location for your laptop is in front. It is advised to put the computer screen directly in your front to make sure that your line of sight is not disturbed. You can use an ergonomic monitor mount to make sure that the computer screen is in front of you which will help you in reading properly from the screen.

Make Screen Adjustable for Proper Height

Moving your body isn’t the solution if you aren’t able to use the computer properly. The right thing to do is to adjust the computer screen. With the help of a single monitor arm wall mount, one can easily adjust the screen as per the convenient display. When the height of the computer is appropriate, there is no question of sore neck muscles or of an aching back.

Checking the Distance from Eyes

It is important for you to place the computer or the laptop in such a way that its screen isn’t too close or too far from your eyes. Neither should it be too hard to read because of the proximity nor should it be blurry to read because of the vast difference between your eyes and the screen. It is significant that the screen must be placed at a distance where there is no strain on the eyes and the distance between the reader and the screen is comfortable for working.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the appropriate height of the screen. If it is placed properly, then you will be able to produce better but if this setting is flawed, you might end up with an aching back.

For improved productivity and comfort while working, the best option is to get an ergonomic monitor mount. Ideal for both office spaces and personal areas, these are an efficient and effective option. Introduce this in your working space and get maximum convenience while working.

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