NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS | Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stands for Home, Office

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Quality and Performance Standard Certificates- TSCA Title VI Compliant

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Product Features:

  1. Ultra Slim Ergonomic Gas Spring Portable Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation & Laptop Stand 

NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS is an ultra-slim ergonomic portable height adjustable sit-stand workstation and desktop converter with work surface thickness measuring only 12mm to blend with your laptop very well.

This laptop stands for desk, an ergonomic portable table for laptop is the best high-quality solution for your office, home & workplace to improve neck back shoulder and body health naturally and can also be used as a laptop table- adjustable laptop table for bed, laptop table for bed or laptop holder.

  1. High-Quality Strength Tested Steel Frame & Solid Laptop Holder 

NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS is strength tested & made with a high-quality steel frame, sturdy construction, to keep the workstation and laptop holder stable and solid for better durability anywhere, worry-free every day and all-day use.

  1. Sit-Stand Laptop Table Workstation For all Laptops, Notebooks, and Computer 

NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS, a TSCA Title VI compliant work surface, gas spring sit-stand workstation can be used with almost any laptop, notebook or computer weighing up to 8kg/17.6lbs, the best laptop stand, for all your devices.

  1. Gas Spring Pneumatic Height Adjustment Mechanism 

NeckDoctor adjustable laptop table for LAPTOPS provides a pneumatic height adjusting mechanism to heights 1.5″ all the way till 16″ to suit your body height and comfort best at your home, office or workplace. The gas spring mechanism is to create smooth and quick transitions between sit and stand mode so you can use it very efficiently as a laptop holder, laptop stand for desk, laptop table for bed, and multi-purpose laptop table. 

  1. Height Memory Lock Function

 NeckDoctor foldable laptop stand is designed with a height memory lock function to effortlessly get the desired height each time you use your workstation to sit stand mode, By locking this laptop table ensures the laptop meets your desired eye level each time you use thus reducing pain in your neck, head, back and shoulders.

  1. Eco friendly, Heavy – Duty and Moisture Resistance Work Surface Made with Durable, Fire and Heat Resistant and Virtually Unbreakable Melamine Particle with TSCA Title VI compliant certification

 NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS is a foldable laptop stand fitted with an eco-friendly, heavy-duty and moisture resistance particleboard made of Melamine and Steel, the board is TSCA Title VI compliant which certifies its high quality of resistance, this is the best laptop stand, laptop holder which is fully certified and strength tested.

  1. Carry & Make Sit-Stand Anywhere at Home Office or Workplace

 NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS is a portable table for a laptop that is an ultra-slim workstation, carry NeckDoctor laptop stand and converts your desk to a sit-stand laptop stand for a desk anywhere, in certain scenarios you may use it also as a laptop table for bed, laptop table or laptop stand for bed.

  1. Ultra-Spacious Work Surface & Ultra-Slim Laptop Stand Measuring Just 12mm

 NeckDoctor adjustable laptop table has a very spacious work surface in which you can place more devices easily, even your laptop, computer, keyboard, and mouse simultaneously, you can use this ultra-slim 12mm thick laptop stand as a laptop stand for desk, laptop table, laptop holder or most efficient laptop table. You will experience ease and comfort when working, so get the best folding desk at Neck Doctor. 

  1. Non-Skid Foam Pads to Protect Desk from Scratch & Damage

NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS is fitted with non-skid foam pads at all sides on the bottom which protects your laptop table surface from scratches and damage, so your laptop stand for desk and laptop holder also protects your desk or tabletop, it can also be protective in case of laptop stand for bed use.

  1. Attractive Dimensions & Size for a Laptop Holder to Blend Easily with Your Laptop

 NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS:  Color rich black, Dimensions 790x540x37~406mm (31.1″x21.3″x1.5″~16″), Worksurface Size  790x540mm (31.1″x21.3″), Worksurface Thickness 12mm (0.47″), Worksurface Weight Capacity 8kg (17.6lbs), Height Range 37~406mm (1.5″ ~ 16″) Worksurface Weight Capacity 8kg (17.6lbs), Height Range 37~406mm (1.5″ ~ 16″).

Product Gas Spring Desktop Sit Stand Table Top Workstation
Material Plastic, Particle Board & Melamine, Steel
Color Rich Black
Dimensions 790x540x37~406mm (31.1″x21.3″x1.5″~16″)
Worksurface Size (LxW) 790x540mm (31.1″x21.3″)
Worksurface Thickness 12mm (0.47″)
Worksurface Weight Capacity 8kg (17.6lbs)
Height Range 37 – 406mm (1.5″~16″)
Installation Freestanding
Certification Particle Board TSCA Title VI compliant
DIY – Do It Yourself KIT User manual

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6 reviews for NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS | Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stands for Home, Office

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ahmad khan

    Amazing product NeckDoctor. This laptop table is worth to buy for work from home. I was badly searching for this comfort while working on laptop.
    Thanks for launching this table.

  2. 5 out of 5

    duaa siddiqui

    The best adjustable laptop table I could have ever bought. I like that we can adjust different heights and change the way it stands. It’s helpful for keeping it on various surfaces, like on the bed, on a desk, or even on a couch. Absolutely satisfied. 

  3. 5 out of 5

    Shahwaz Alam

    Since work from home started due to Covid-19 I was constantly in search of a portable table for my laptop.  I found this product and it has been a blessing in my life. It is portable, adjustable and brings out the best comfort at home

  4. 5 out of 5

    Mohammad Arif

    This is the best investment I have made during the current work from home situation. The best ergonomic work from home laptop table that ensures comfort and better productivity.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Mohd Abuzar

    This product is simply amazing. Very sturdy, and perfect size for a laptop table for bed. Most useful when I am on my bed using a laptop. I am a pretty big size and I fit easily in it. Delivery on time at an affordable price.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Afsha Parveen

    The best ergonomic work from home laptop table one could ask for. The product is almost as shown in the images and does the job, The quality also feels great.

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Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand from NeckDoctor

For everyone who has to work in front of a screen for long hours, it becomes important to work in a correct posture. With a portable laptop stand, it becomes easier to maintain an appropriate posture. The foldable laptop stand from NeckDoctor is a great accessory that can help in making your posture less problematic.

This laptop stand is a perfect solution to enhance comfort at not only workplaces but also at homes. Right from improving neck, shoulder, and backaches, to enhancing work productivity, everything becomes better with the help of an adjustable laptop table.

Get Rid of Sore Neck and Backaches

Working on-screen continuously for a prolonged period of time is bound to cause musculoskeletal problems in the body. There are chances that the body circulation might even get disturbed. Constantly sitting in the same position will cause problems in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Back

An adjustable laptop table allows you to work in a comfortable position. Get yourself the best folding desk to enjoy the liberty to adjust your laptop as per your convenience and suitability so that your neck, back, and shoulders aren’t impacted much with it.

Those who work on laptops, often are seen complaining about their sore neck and shoulder pain. You can enhance your work from home laptop ergonomics with the use of a laptop stand.

Work From Home Laptop Ergonomics for Better Productivity

When you have to work from home, you might think that sitting in bed in a cozy position would be a great idea to work in. However, this is not at all true because you cannot spend more than an hour cozied up in your bed, and working all day long in that very position is only going to build extreme pressure on your body. So, what can be done in such a case?

All you have to do is introduce an adjustable laptop table for the bed which can be used while you are sitting on the bed. A laptop stand puts the laptop in an appropriate position. There are height-adjustable features in the laptop table for the bed that allows you to adjust the laptop as and when required.

With the regular adjustments, you are able to work in a much better way than working all day long in a static position. With the introduction of a laptop stand for your home, you can easily adjust its position and drive better productivity. As this accessory gives you ultimate comfort and convenience while working, you can easily get the productivity you are aiming at.

Bring Home NeckDoctor’s Ultra-Slim Portable Laptop Stand

For making the workstation fully functional and organized, the best thing you can do is introduce a portable laptop stand that is adjustable and provides ease of motion. With the use of a foldable laptop stand that provides convenience and comfort, one can easily drive better productivity.

Even if you work for prolonged hours in front of a screen, this laptop stand makes sure that there is no amount of pressure building up on your body parts. With the introduction of this laptop stand, you can easily change the direction of your laptop, adjust its height as per your convenience, and work in whichever direction you please. It is important to place the laptop at an ideal distance from the eyes to ensure there is no extra pressure building upon the eyes due to excessive work and the screen-glare. With the help of this laptop stand, one can easily adjust the height and distance and work as per their suitability. This is going to be a perfect addition to your workstation and will help you to organize the complete workstation in a much better way. Whether you want to work while standing or if you want to work, sitting right in your bed, this accessory is ideal for all settings.

Bid goodbye to all your sore muscles, and excessive pressure on your eyes due to tediously long working hours with this portable laptop stand.

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