NeckDoctor for DESK | The Original Ergonomic Gas Spring Single Monitor Arm

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Quality and Performance Standard Certificates- ANSI/BIFMA

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 Features of the Ergonomic Monitor Stand:

  • Gas Spring 

High-Quality Gas Spring Technology to Counterbalance the Weight of Your Monitor and Adjust Height Fluently

  • Finger Touch

Effortless Finger Touch Tilt+90u00b0~-90u00b0, Rotate, Articulate and Reposition Your Monitor to Forward, Backward, Sideways Portrait or Landscape Mode Arm extends up to 525 mm

  • Easy Swivel Motion 

180 Swivel motion of monitor for easy viewing according to your seating positions

  • Landscape to Portrait View

180 rotation of monitor from landscape to portrait mode

  • Removable VESA Plate

A Magnificent 360 Rotary Quick Release Strong VESA Plate for Simplified Monitor Fitting Vesa Compatible 75 X 75, 100 X 100

  • Fits all Monitor Brands

The Only Strong Built Metallic Grey Mount for iMac or almost every othe Brand with Screen Size 13 – 32 Weighing 9kgs or less, Flat, LCD/LED, Smart or Curved, This Beauty Fits All

  • Two Mounting options

Our Best Desk Monitor Arm Which Allows 2 Mounting Options Clamp or Grommet for Easy Desk Installation

Product Overview:

  1. Single Monitor Gas Spring Technology Arm

NeckDoctor for DESK single monitor arms desk mount features modern state-of-the-art gas spring technology and built-in tension gauge which perfectly adjusts and counterbalances the weight of your monitor for the effortless use of a computer on your desk. NeckDoctor’s ergonomic high-quality gas spring monitor arm stand for desk is best for office, home & workplace use to improve eye strain, neck, back, shoulder health naturally. You can find the finest quality monitor holder at our store. 

  1. Free Motion Movement of Monitor on Your Desk

NeckDoctor for DESK is packed with features such as, Tilt Range: +90°~-90° & Swivel Range 180°, monitor rotation 180° which allows free motion movement of your monitor including vertical, horizontal, and distance height adjustments. Effortless finger touch forward, backward, or sideways, portrait or landscape repositioning of your monitor eases viewing, tasks, and project completion or presentation.

  1. Fits Most Monitors of All Brands

NeckDoctor for DESK is fitted with a 360° rotary quick-release removable VESA  plate for simplified monitor fitting & optimal viewing experience, the detachable VESA plate from the arm fits most 13″ to 32″ VESA 75×75,100×100 compatible LED/LCD/CURVED monitors weighing up to 1-9kg/2.2lbs -19.8lbs, you can also fit a NON-VESA LCD/LED Monitor to the Arm via the use of a NON-VESA ADAPTER for all brands.

  1. Organized and Clutter-Free Desk

NeckDoctor for DESK product package includes two mounting options clamp and grommet. This dual monitor arm stand for desk attaches easily to the edge of the desk or table thus turning it into an organized clutter-free tidy desk. The cable management system keeps all cables hidden tucked neatly under the arm, an additional slot in the product for holding the tools, in case of possible maintenance in the future.

  1. DO IT YOURSELF -DIY kit included

A DIY – Do It Yourself user manual + tools and hardware assembly kit included for very easy quick installation of this ergonomic monitor arm.

Product Gas Spring Single Monitor Arm
Material Aluminum, Plastic, Steel
Color Metallic Grey
Dimensions 115x590x665mm (4.5″x23.2″x26.2″)
Installation Grommet, Clamp
Suggested Screen Size 13″-32″
Monitor Type LCD/LED/Flat Screen/Curved
Monitor Weight 1~9kg (2.2lbs~19.8lbs)
VESA Compatible 75×75,100×100
Tilt Range +90°~-90°
Swivel Range 180°
Screen Rotation 180°
Arm Full Extension 525mm (20.7″)
Suggested Desktop Thickness Clamp:10~85mm Grommet:10~80mm)
Quick Release VESA Plate Yes
Certification ANSI/BIFMA
DIY – Do It Yourself KIT user manual + tools assembly kit

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9 reviews for NeckDoctor for DESK | The Original Ergonomic Gas Spring Single Monitor Arm

  1. 5 out of 5

    Shabbir Khan

    I bought NeckDoctor Single Monitor Arm which is easy to attach and very sturdy. It increased space on my desk by a huge amount and also rose up my monitor to eye level which improved my posture and has reduced my neck pain to almost negligible. Highly recommend!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Albert Tay

    A great product for working at home! Easy to move & lift, it has a stable heavy-duty base that makes it stable on the table at all times. The height is adjustable, you can stand to work in front of the monitors, which gives your body a rest and relive from neck pain. I highly recommend it!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Poppy Tay

    Recently I’ve started searching for a durable desk stand as I had continuous neck pain. I chose to go with the original Ergonomic Gas Spring Single Monitor Arm that is perfect for my office and posture. It’s very easy to assemble and has been a savior as it not only reduced my neck pain but also enhanced my productivity.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Delip Kumar

    This desk converter is very robust and easy to operate. The unit is fully assembled and ready to go. There is plenty of space on the keyboard tray for the keyboard and mouse, and the surface of my monitor as well as other supplies. Overall, a perfect and solid product, and I’m pleased with my purchase.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Frank Egbon

    The NeckDoctor product for Desk is excellent. I will be purchasing the wall product for TV also. Highly satisfied !!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Syed Zia Qadri

    I bought the products for my monitor. The placement has been very simple. It’s been one month since I am using it and would like to say that I haven’t noticed Neck pain that I had earlier with no NeckDoctor products

  7. 5 out of 5

    Mark Silvester

    Thank you NeckDoctor for this amazing product for my Monitor. I now keep all my back pains at bay while working on it.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Priyanka Gupta

    Thank you NeckDoctor for your products. It’s every bit worth the penny. I am a graphic designer and now I give more time to my work with absolute ease.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Gezahegn Siyoum

    I bought two NeckDoctor products for my monitor and TV. Smooth movement from right/left/up/down. Highly recommend this product to all.

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Ergonomic Monitor Arm Desk Mount for Every Workplace

A majority of the global population is actively using computers at present. Every individual who works on computers for prolonged hours is well-known to the aching neck and sore back muscles. All these muscular ailments occur due to a poorly located screen.

A little bit of tweaking and adjustments here and there can make your workplace comfortable. With comfort, comes productivity and a high-quality monitor arm mount is just the ideal addition for that.

When a screen is situated at an inappropriate distance, neck and shoulder problems are extremely common. And to avert all of that, a single monitor arm desk mount is just the right solution.

With our best vesa monitor stand, you can get:

  • Comfortable Work Posture
  • Relief from Neck, Shoulder, and Back Issues
  • Optimized Viewing Distance
  • Convenient Working Height
  • The Comfort of Adjusting the Screen

Making Workplace More Productive

With an ergonomic monitor arm, the existing comfort and productivity increase manifolds. With just a few adjustments, it is easier for anyone to use the computer in whichever way it is convenient for them. This monitor arm from NeckDoctor is a high-quality monitor stand that makes the workspace not only appear organized but also makes it so much more productive. In addition to making the workstation much comfortable than before, these wall mounts are also helpful in making your workstations quite organized. The monitor stand utilizes no desk space and there is also no wiring nuisance going on. This has a direct impact on the desk as it makes it look more aesthetic than before and also much more organized. On a less-cluttery table, you will be able to drive more productivity.

Bid Adieu to Sore Neck and Back

A screen that is placed at an inappropriate distance is the main cause of problems in the neck and back. Not only are these responsible for causing neck and backaches but are also responsible for causing immense strain on the eyes. A monitor that is placed at a convenient distance is helpful in reducing the sore back, neck, and strain on the eyes and is helpful in increasing productivity so much more. And all of this can be attained by using a monitor arm desk mount.

Comfortable Working Position

When you work in a comfortable position, there is much more productive at work. While the poor placement of a monitor can cause immense discomfort during working hours, an optimized screen distance that can also be adjusted is helpful in bringing immense comfort while working. As the name suggests, the dual monitor stand is able to perform dual functions – improves comfort and enhances productivity while working.

The Correct Distance and Viewing Height

There should be a difference of at least 60cm between the screen and the eyes. Anything lesser than that is problematic. The height of the computer screen should be set in such a way that it forms a viewing angle that comes in between 10 to 20 degrees.

When the computer screen is placed at this distance, there is hardly any problem while working. There is no strain on the eyes and the muscular issues are also kept at bay. Make sure to put your computer screen at this distance so that you do not have to face all of this.

When desk mounts are introduced at workplaces, there are hardly any problems faced while working on computer screens for prolonged hours.

Introduce a monitor arm stand for desk for an exemplary workplace.

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